Follow a trail of clues

Team up and solve clues to explore the city.

Clues are sent to your phone. Decipher the clue, search your surroundings and find the answer to move on.

A group of people looking at a phone with a clue on it

You will need…

  • A crew of 2 to 6 people. Choose whether to play as one team or compete
  • Shoes for walking 3.5 miles / 3 hours
  • At least one smartphone with a web browser and mobile data
  • Wit, cunning and an adventurous spirit

A group of people exploring the docks

Treasure Hunt is a text adventure

Book a game for each crew. Crews of 2 to 6 work best. You’ll get joining instructions to share with your crew

Assemble at the top of Bold Street and type START to begin the game

Everyone sees clues on their phone

You’ll receive a clue which relates to something nearby. Solve the clue by searching around you for the answer. Your crew can all see the clues on their own phones.

Once you’ve solved the clue, type the answer and get directions to the next clue.

If you get stuck

If you can’t solve a clue, type HINT for an extra hint.

If you think you’ve gone the wrong way, type HINT again for a map location you can follow.

If you’re totally stuck, type HINT a third time to give up and move on to the next clue

A man in the pub with his phone on the table

Two breaks

There are two 30 minute breaks scheduled in pubs where you can rest and recover. If you’re dead keen to continue, type CONTINUE to move on!

The outside of Liverpool Catholic Cathedral

Discover the sights of the city

The game takes you the main areas of the city. Some of the areas you’ll pass:

  • Georgian quarter: Hope street, Metropolitan cathedral, anglican cathedral
  • Waterfront: Albert dock, Port of Liverpool, Liver building, Cunard building
  • Business district: Nelson Monument, Liverpool town hall
  • Mathew street: Cavern club, pubs and bars
  • Liverpool ONE: The Bluecoat, shopping
  • Bold street: independent food and bars

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