Event by the waterfront affecting Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Posted on July 14, 2023

Railings and equipment being unloaded in Liverpool

There’s an event taking place down by the waterfront that’s disrupting Treasure Hunt Liverpool.

It will make clue 7 impossible to access.

The rest of the game is accessible and working.

The organiser has confirmed the gardens will be inaccessible from Friday 14th July until Sunday 23rd July.

If you decide to play you can type SKIP and Bess will reveal the answer to this clue.

If you do decide to play, reply to the booking email we sent you and we’ll refund you 25% as a gesture of goodwill.

“ The clues and the maps are a lot of fun. We learnt new things and appreciated the beautiful scenery as we went around the city.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it was such an amazing experience. We had a lot of smiles and laughter and haven't stopped talking about it since.

—Yvette, Tripadvisor


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The Grand Voyage starts from:
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