You want a different way to explore Liverpool

Something fun that'll show you the sites as well as the lesser known spots.

You love exploring and learning about the place, but big groups and tour guides aren't your thing.

Introducing Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Have fun seeing Liverpool in a totally different way

Solve satisfying clues and follow beautiful maps sent to your phones.

Spot things other people take for granted!

You’ll learn interesting facts and stories. Plus pit stops in historic pubs!

Treasure Hunt Liverpool will take you on a beautiful route, and send you to fab places, all at your own pace.

A group of friends exploring tourist attractions by playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool

You don't want to book a group tour and be treated like sheep.

The lacklustre guide… not being able to hear… always feeling like you're in the way…

But you also don't want to wander aimlessly around the city center.

This is the activity you’ve been looking for.

You'll have a laugh solving the clues and following the maps.

Something in a shop window catch your eye? No problem. Take it at your own pace. Even turn it into a pub crawl!

Along the way you'll learn interesting facts and stories keeping you entertained.

By the end of it all, you'll have a great overview of Liverpool and what you'd like to explore next.

A much more active experience...”

...than a regular tour as you had to read the stories and solve the clues; much more engaging than just listening to a tour guide drone on.

Highly recommend it to absolutely anyone, though put on your walking shoes as it will give you a good workout.

Dave, Liverpool

We had such a laugh”

The clues and the maps are a lot of fun. We learnt new things and appreciated the beautiful scenery of Liverpool as we went around the city.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it was such an amazing experience. We had a lot of smiles and laughter and haven't stopped talking about it since.

Yvette, Liverpool

It works like WhatsApp,
so it’s easy to use

You don’t need to download or print anything and it doesn’t need any permissions.

Plus, you get to start when you want.

1. Play together

Captain Bess will invite you and your friends to join the hunt.

2. Follow maps

Bess sends you a series of treasure maps, leading you around the city.

I liked that each of us could see the clues and maps on our phones so that we got time to think about it and maybe spot something the others had missed.”

3. Search for answers

Bess sends you a series of clues and you have to search the city for answers.

Don't worry if you can't find the answer right away, you can always ask for hints.

Along the way, she'll tell you interesting facts and stories about the things you're spotting.

Good banter from Captain Bess who sends you the clues!”

You'll see the very best of Liverpool 🧭

The “bombed out church” the church without a roof, now a popular community and arts space

RC Metropolitan Cathedral (Paddy’s Wigwam) famous for its futuristic space-ship appearance and whacky circular design

The circular Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the stops on Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Anglican Cathedral an extremely large cathedral with a fabulous sunken garden behind.

Looking up at the Anglican Cathedral from its sunken garden

Hope street the core of the city’s vast Georgian quarter, and home to some excellent bars and restaurants.

The Philharmonic Pub Victorians at their most lavish, including Grade-II listed toilets!

The Albert Dock the iconic red-brick building which survived two wars and a century of being derelict

The red brick warehouses of the albert dock

The Royal Liver Building, The Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool the impressive trio known as the “Three Graces”.

Liverpool Town Hall & Nelson Monument in the heart of the business district, the former financial powerhouse and home to fancy bars and restaurants.

The beautiful Three Graces, on Liverpool's waterfront

Cavern Club & Mathew street a buzzing centre of musical history, and of course the Beatles’ home venue.

Liverpool ONE the city’s buzzing, modern open-air shopping district.

People walking between the independent shops on Bold Street

Bold Street home of some of the best food and independent shops.

Ready for a different way to discover Liverpool?

  • Just £[price] per person for [duration] of fun.
  • Get a discount in a quality pub along the way.
  • Lasts about [duration] if you take the recommended breaks.
  • [breaks]

What if the weather’s bad?

If it's patchy rain, you can spend more time in the pub breaks or stop elsewhere on the route: the game’s flexible.

If it's really bad on one day, you can either switch which day you play, or even start one day and finish the next.

If it's a total wash-out and you can't get round, we’ll give your money back, even if you've started the game.

Will it be too difficult?

Don’t worry, if you get stuck you can ask for a hint and Bess will get you on your way!

We make sure no-one ever gets completely stuck.

Is it too physical?

It’s X walking but you can take as many breaks as you like.

Fun or your money back!

We’re so confident you’ll have fun, we promise to give your money back if you don’t!

All we ask is for a quick phone call to understand why.

Have questions?
Get in touch.
Ready for a different way to discover Liverpool?

“Would thoroughly recommend to people looking for a fun and interesting way to explore!”

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