Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Treasure Hunt Liverpool

A self-guided puzzle walking tour

“It was a lot of fun. It's a great way of covering the city and famous sites!”

Amanda, Ireland

See the routes
A group of friends playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool on a day out

Follow maps on your phone

A pirate map and clue from Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Captain Bess will send maps and clues to your phone. Find the answer in order to move on.

“The clues are challenging but can be solved with a bit of lateral thinking.”

Sophy, Lancaster

The curious tomb of William Mackenzie, one of the sights on Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Learn the city's secrets

Many clues have an interesting tale behind them.

You'll learn local tales and folklore as you discover the highlights of Liverpool.

“It was a fun way to discover hidden gems”

Malin, Tripadvisor

“We did the Liverpool treasure hunt as a team away day activity - it was great way to explore the highlights of Liverpool!”

Treasure Hunt Liverpool
DoES Liverpool
The Tapestry, 68 - 76 Kempston St
Liverpool, L3 8HL