Treasure Hunt Liverpool

Treasure Hunt Liverpool

A fun activity to explore Liverpool with a group of friends

“It was a lot of fun. It's a great way of covering the city and famous sites!”

Amanda, Ireland

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A group of friends playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool on a day out

Clues sent to your phone!

Treasure Hunt Liverpool is a puzzle walking tour. You'll be led by a snarky pirate, Captain Bess, who's testing out new recruits to join her ship!

Clues and maps are sent to your phone. You have to find the answer in order to move on.

A pirate map and clue from Treasure Hunt Liverpool

“The clues are challenging but can be solved with a bit of lateral thinking.”

Sophy, Lancaster

A group of friends exploring tourist attractions by playing Treasure Hunt Liverpool

A fun group activity

Whether you’re visiting Liverpool, arranging a birthday party or organising a hen do, Treasure Hunt Liverpool is a fun thing to do for any group.

Great activity for team away days and youth clubs, it’s an easy way of organising a day out while seeing all of Liverpool's attractions.

“They had a great time. It was easier than me organising it all!”

Dan, Youth Group Leader

“We did the Liverpool treasure hunt as a team away day activity - it was great way to explore the highlights of Liverpool!”

Treasure Hunt Liverpool
DoES Liverpool
The Tapestry, 68 - 76 Kempston St
Liverpool, L3 8HL